Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 210

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 210

That Day…

Elise clicked open the messages and scrolled to the top. Then, she read the messages one by one until she reached the bottom. The expression on her face changed from being startled to having a slight smile. Finally, her mood had taken a turn for the better.

“Boss, there’s a delivery for you,” Danny said, holding a bouquet of roses as he walked into the room. The entire class erupted into cheers when they saw this scene.

He placed the roses in front of Elise. “Boss, these are your flowers!”

Elise blinked several times. She could guess what had just happened, but that was not all. The delivery guy then rushed over and passed a box of chocolates to her. “There’s a box of chocolates as well—I almost forgot about them. Please sign here, Miss Sinclair.”

She took the pen from him and signed her name, but Danny could not help complaining, “Boss, who is this person? He is so old-fashioned! Who still sends roses and chocolates nowadays? Could it be…”

When he reached this point, he quickly covered his mouth, but there was a wide grin on his face before he laughed out loud.

“Boss, don’t tell me this is from Alexander? He is so old-fashioned! Look at the times we are in now, yet he still sends girls roses and chocolates—”

Elise quickly interrupted him and held the bouquet of roses. “Oh—just shut up! You don’t even give girls roses and chocolates. Serves you right for being single!”

Upon hearing that, Danny grumbled deep down, Now she’s just insulting me!

However, Elise ignored him and smiled slightly as she held the bouquet of roses in her hands.

After a while, she took out her phone and opened all the notifications of the bank transfer and read all of them. Upon seeing this, Danny widened his eyes.

“Boss, is this for real? That’s so many bank transfers!” He did not forget to rub his eyes to make sure that he wasn’t seeing things. When he saw the person who transferred the money to her, he immediately said, “My goodness! Alexander is too generous. Even I want to be his girlfriend!”

A pained expression then appeared on Danny’s face. Alas, I’m not a woman!

“Boss, give me some of the money too! There isn’t much of my allowance left for the rest of this month.”

Elise raised her head and looked at him before saying, “I have no problem in sharing some of the money with you, but can you retract your words just now?”

Danny quickly nodded profusely. “Of course I can! Alexander is not old-fashioned at all; I’m the old-fashioned one. It’s the current trend to give girls roses and chocolates.”

However, Elise shook her head. “Not this.”

“What, then?”

“You have no chance to be my rival, not even in your next life!” Elise said with conviction. It was only at this moment that Alexander said pitifully, “Boss, it was just a joke. For a man like Alexander, only you can handle him. Apart from that, I’m straight and I have no interest in batting for my own team.”

Upon hearing that, Elise pursed her lips and smiled. “Alright. I’ll give you some of it.”

With that, she transferred 88 to him without a second thought. Danny looked at her gratefully and said, “Thank you boss!”

Meanwhile, after Alexander saw that Elise had read his messages, he immediately called her. However, after a few rings, his call was being hung up.

Elise sent him a message. ‘Class is starting soon. We can talk later.’

Seeing that she finally replied to him, he finally stopped worrying. Seems like Cameron’s methods are quite useful indeed. Or do they work on every girl? No matter what, the tension between Elise and I is finally resolved.

‘Meet me at the school entrance this afternoon. I’ll pick you up.” The very next second, he received a reply. ‘Ok.’

Alexander’s expression became more gentle as he saw that and his mood became better as well.

When Cameron entered Alexander’s office again, he discovered that the entire atmosphere had changed. “Young Master Alex, are you alright now?”

Tapping his fingers tapped rhythmically on the table, Alexander looked at Cameron, sending fear down the latter’s spine.

“Young Master Alex, if you have any orders, just let me know directly. I’m getting chills seeing you like this.”

“It’s been a few years since you started working for me, yes?”

Upon hearing that, Cameron had an ominous feeling. “Young Master Alex, are you going to fire me now? If I did anything wrong, you can just tell me directly. I’ll correct my behavior immediately!”

Upon seeing his reaction, Alexander could not help but tease, “Correct? How can you correct it? I was just thinking that since you started working for me, you haven’t really taken a break. I was planning to give you some days off, but—”

As soon as Cameron heard about getting off days, he became instantly excited. “Are you serious, Young Master Alex? Of course I’m willing—actually more than willing—to take some days off.”

“But it seems to me that you would prefer working.” As Alexander’s airy words rang out, Cameron almost burst into tears.

“That’s not the case at all! Young Master Alex, I really need a vacation. I really do!”

“Does that mean that you don’t love what you are doing anymore?”

No matter what Cameron replied, he felt that it was wrong and thought that there was no way out for him. “That’s not it, Young Master Alex. You’ve misunderstood me.”

Upon hearing that, Alexander chuckled lightly. “Alright, I’ll stop messing with you. Because of your achievement this time, I decided to give you twice the bonus this month and half a month of paid leave.”

Cameron thought his ears were playing tricks on him. After pinching himself and feeling the pain, he finally convinced himself that this was real.

“Oh—Young Master Alex! My dear boss, I love you—”

“Cut the mushy crap and just thank Elise.” With that, Alexander took his car keys from the table and put on his coat, preparing to head outside.

Cameron hadn’t returned to his senses, so he blurted out subconsciously, “Where are you going, Young Master Alex?”

“To pick her up.” He left with that simple explanation, leaving Cameron standing on the spot blankly.

Cameron blinked. I-I-Is this for real, Young Master Alex?

Before school ended, Alexander was already waiting by the entrance for some time. Upon seeing Elise, he quickly opened the car door and got out of the car, thereafter walking over to her.

When she saw him, she thought about his remarks on the bank transfers. Even though she did not tell him explicitly, she had already chosen to forgive him.

“Get in the car. Let’s go home.” Alexander naturally took her bag and opened the car door for her. Elise then took a seat in his car obediently. After making sure that she was well-seated, he took the initiative to buckle the seat belt for her before he started driving.

“That day—”

“That day—”

The both of them opened their mouths at the same time and spoke the same words coincidentally.

Upon hearing that, Elise pursed her lips. “You go first.”

Alexander then quickly explained, “Honestly, what happened that day was very simple. Ashlyn asked me out to a hotel to discuss something, but nothing happened between us. Think about it—how could I fall for someone like her? If I really took a liking to her, I would have made my move ages ago. I didn’t have to wait until now.”

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