Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 196

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 196

It was already in the afternoon by the time Elise woke up.

Her stomach growled as she took a look at the clock. After noticing that it was already 3:00PM, Elise pushed her blanket aside and got off the bed. Then, she started stretching before heading out of her room.

“Stella, is there anything that I can eat? I’m starving!”

Stella quickly replied, “What would you like to eat, Miss Sinclair? I’ll ask the kitchen to prepare it now.”

After contemplating for a moment, Elise answered, “Just get me a bowl of noodles! I want to fill up my stomach.”

“Alright, Miss Sinclair. Please hang on for a moment.”

Elise mumbled an answer and turned around to see Laura and Leonard chatting at the garden backyard and quickly walked over to them. “Grandpa, Grandma…”

Laura turned around to see Elise, who looked as if she had just woken up. “Why are you up so late?”

At this moment, Elise stuck her tongue out in embarrassment. “I stayed up late to play games last night and only slept in the morning. That’s why I woke up late today.”

Instead of saying anything, Laura motioned for Elise to sit next to her. She couldn’t help but be worried when she recalled what Brendan told them earlier in the morning. “Ellie, I need to ask you something.”

Meanwhile, Elise had a nonchalant look on her face. “What is it, Grandma?”

Laura leaned toward her before asking in a low voice, “Ellie, have you been into designing again?”

An odd look flashed past Elise’s face. However, she gave an honest answer since she had only altered her engagement gown and wasn’t involved in designing anything from scratch. “Grandma, I only altered my wedding gown. I didn’t design anything.”

A shocked Laura elaborated, “Brendan came over in the morning and tried to pry about you, but your grandpa and I know that you’re no longer involved with designing wedding gowns. So, we kept quiet and didn’t reveal anything.”

Elise was curious as to why Brendan would attempt to ask her grandparents about her. Did he discover something? How is that even possible? “Grandma, why did he suddenly ask you guys about this?”

It was something that Laura felt odd about as well. Then, she asked, “Didn’t you say that you altered the gown? Could it be that he noticed something on the gown? Ellie, I’ll always support you even if you want to continue designing wedding gowns. You don’t have to hide your interests. I really hope that you can pursue the things that you like.”

Elise reached out to hold Laura’s arm. “I know that! It’s just that I made a promise to someone not to be involved with the designing of wedding gowns as Lily unless we return to the fashion industry together. So, I’m not planning to do so right now. All I want is to complete my studies and enroll in college to continue with my tertiary education. Who knows I might even venture into something new?”

“What can I even tell you at this point? You already obtained a double degree abroad and you can easily take over the family business without even returning to your studies. Your grandpa and I believe that you’ll be able to handle the family business well.”

“I’m still young, though!” Elise whined. “I’m only 18 and I still want to enjoy life as a student.”

“Alright. You should continue pursuing your studies if that’s what you want! As long as you’re doing what you like, I’ll support you unconditionally.”

“Thank you, Grandma!” She exclaimed before she inched closer to Laura’s side. Despite that, all she thought about was Brendan’s words. It’s impossible for Brendan to associate me with Lily when all I did was rely on my thoughts to alter the gown. This should be a coincidence.

At least that was what Elise thought, so she didn’t dwell too deep into it.

In the blink of an eye, it was time for the school to reopen and for Leonard as Laura to head home. As a result, the large house became quiet and empty again.

Alexander was already waiting downstairs in the morning as Elise hurried downstairs while complaining, “Stella, why didn’t you wake me up on the first day of school? I’m going to be late now.”

Stella gave Alexander an innocent look and remained silent before he elaborated, “I was the one who asked Stella not to wake you up so that you can have more sleep.”

Then, Elise shot him a coquettish look. “Hey! I can’t be late on my first day of school.”

Meanwhile, he reached out to hold her hand. “Come on, we won’t be late. Get in the car. I’ll send you to school.”

Upon seeing how adamant he was, Elise chose to believe him and entered the car while Alexander slid into the driver’s seat to start the car engine.

He drove smoothly the entire journey, which allowed her to eat breakfast while studying for the new semester’s subjects. Since this was the last semester of high school with only three months before the finals, it was the most stressful period of any student’s schooling life.

At approximately five minutes before class, Alexander’s car stopped in front of the school’s entrance and Elise sighed in relief. “I’m going to class now. Have fun at work. Bye!”

Yet, the car door didn’t bulge at all. “Alexander, why did you turn on the child safety lock?”

He deeply gazed at her. “Aren’t we engaged now?”

As she stared at the diamond ring on her hand, Elise mumbled an answer before Alexander’s voice rang out again, “Since we are engaged, shouldn’t we do that before we part ways… Hmm?”

She blinked as she solemnly asked, “What do we do? Alexander, can you be more upfront? I’m really going to be late now!”

A helpless Alexander sighed. Looks like she really has no experience when it comes to this kind of stuff. Still, he could always take his time to slowly train her.

“Come here.”

While Elise obediently leaned toward him, he quickly planted a kiss on her forehead. “This is all I want. Do you get it now?”

Upon knowing what he meant, her face quickly reddened. .

“You… I… What are you still doing? Unlock the door!”

Alexander finally allowed her to get out of the car. While he watched her leaving, he announced, “Come out the moment when class is done. I’ll be waiting here for you.”

Elise’s back was still facing him, so she didn’t say anything in response. Rather, she waved her hand in acknowledgment and fastened her pace.

When she arrived at class, she noticed that the atmosphere was quiet and everyone was focused on their schoolwork in their seats. Then, she followed suit. When she noticed that Mikayla’s table, which was next to hers, was empty, she couldn’t help but wonder why Mikayla wasn’t at school.

While Elise was deep in thought, Danny came over with a glass of fruit juice and placed it on her table. “Boss, here’s some juice.”

It was at this moment when she asked, “Have you seen Mikayla? Why didn’t she come today?”

He replied, “Boss, didn’t you know? Mikayla has dropped out of school and came to settle the withdrawal procedure before school reopened. I heard that her family is migrating and they’re planning to leave in a day or two.”

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