Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 182

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 182

Ashlyn felt awkward, but she still bit the bullet and tried to convince Alexander. “We grew up together, Alexander. Even if we can’t be lovers, we can still be friends, right?”

Alexander replied coldly, “Sorry, but I beg to differ.”

With that, Alexander stood up. He had lost the mood for breakfast, so he signaled for the waiter. “Please put these in takeaway containers. Thank you.”

After completing his task, the waiter passed the containers to Alexander. “Here you are, mister.”

Alexander took the containers and left, for he had no intention of talking to Ashlyn. The lady, however, didn’t give up and ran after him. “Alexander, I was foolish and did horrible things. I’m sorry, and I’ve already repented! Please, can you forget the past and pretend that it never happened? Can we still be friends like before?”

Alexander was growing more irritated by the second. “Are you out of your mind? You’d better see a doctor and get your delusional tendencies checked.”

Instantly, Ashlyn went pale in the face. Alexander’s words had dragged her harshly out of her ideal state. She thought that if they reached an understanding, they could pretend that the past never happened, then everything would go back to how they were before. However, she totally forgot how filthy her actions were, and she should be embarrassed to approach Alexander out of nowhere.

“I’m sorry, I—”

Alexander didn’t have time for her explanations, so he simply got into his car and drove away.

Left behind, Ashlyn was frustrated. Why? Dang it! I don’t get how things turned out this way. We weren’t like this before. He used to be nice and polite to me, though I need to admit that we weren’t particularly close. But hey, he was still alright. His attitude now, though?! Hmph!

He refused to talk to her any more than necessary!

When did the change happen? Ashlyn recalled Elise’s arrival, and she clenched her fists. She seemed to have found the reason. It all happened because of Elise…

“That cunning woman!” Ashlyn shouted. Elise must have done something to cause Alexander to hate me so much.

By now, Ashlyn had completely come to hate Elise, and she swore that she would have her revenge one day.

However, Elise had no idea what happened, for she had just entered the exam hall to prepare for the exams.

There were 4 subjects to be tested in the finals, including languages and Math. After the 2-day finals, the winter break was finally upon them.

After returning to the Griffith Residence, Elise immediately went upstairs. Danny followed suit, and when his bag hit the floor, he was already starting up a game in his room. Even from a distance away, Elise could hear the gaming sounds coming from his room.

Elise shut the door to her room in order to block off the noise, and then she called Laura up. “Grandma, I’ll be going back after 2 days to spend my break with you—”

Before Elise could finish, Laura hastily said, “Ellie, you don’t have to come back. I’m on vacation with your grandpa, and we won’t be back until next year.”

This time, it was Elise’s turn to be stunned. “When did you go? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Promptly, her grandmother responded by saying, “It’s sort of a last-minute decision, so we didn’t inform you beforehand. You can just spend the break in Athesea, all right? You don’t have to come home.”

Hearing that, Elise could only sigh helplessly. “All right, then. Take care out there and come home soon.”

After Laura hung up, Robin immediately asked her, “She didn’t notice, right?”

Laura grinned in satisfaction. “You know who I am. She wouldn’t notice at all. Ellie definitely wouldn’t expect us to arrive in Athesea in 2 days. She’ll be so surprised when she sees us!”

Robin said admiringly, “I never thought that Alex would arrange these things so well. There shouldn’t be much cause for worry if they get together in the future.”

Laura agreed, wholly satisfied with Alexander. “But he also said that they would get engaged first, then they can take it slow with the wedding. No matter what, this grandson-in-law won’t be going anywhere, so our little Ellie is finally settling down.”

They exchanged happy smiles, and they could see their reflections in each other’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Elise was a little deflated. Her grandparents didn’t even tell her that they were going on a vacation, but she had already told the Griffiths that she would be going home for the break. Now that she couldn’t go back anymore, this situation was kind of embarrassing for her.

Still, Elise didn’t overthink about it. It was the holidays, so she had time to help search for news on Mikayla. Oddly, all traces indicated that Mikalya had returned to the country, but she still hadn’t come home after so long, nor did she contact her family. Elise’s expression went dark, after which she turned on her computer.

‘Jamie, are all the holes in Skynet System fixed?’ Elise sent Jamie a message, and she soon received a reply. ‘All patched up. Do you want to use it, Boss?’

Elise replied with a simple ‘yes’ then continued, ‘I’m looking for someone, and I’m wondering if Skynet can help me find them sooner.’

Seeing Elise’s request, Jamie quickly asked, ‘Who are you looking for, Boss? Just send me their info, and Skynet will be able to track them down within a day.’

Immediately, Elise sent over Mikayla’s information. ‘Notify me as soon as you find any news on her.’

Jamie responded with an ‘ok’ emoji. Then he proceeded to scour for information on Mikayla with Skynet. Elise took a deep breath and hoped that they would have news on Mikayla soon. Elise thought that Mikayla would be found quickly with the aid of Skynet, but 3 days had passed without any new information. It was as if Mikayla had disappeared; they couldn’t find any traces of her.

‘Boss, is someone trying to hide her tracks?’

Elise thought long and hard. Who else in this world could have such talent and skill?

As she was racking her brains, a knock sounded on her door, and she was brought back to reality. She thought that it must be Stella, so she said casually, “Is anything the matter, Stella?”

Elise didn’t get an answer as she expected. Stunned and a little curious, Elise got up to open the door, only to be dumbfounded the next moment.

“Grandpa! Grandma! Why are you here?”

Laura stretched out her arms in welcome. “My darling Ellie! Let me have a good look at you! Look how much you’ve grown!”

Undoubtedly, the young lady was surprised. “Grandma, weren’t you on vacation? Why are you suddenly back?”

It was an awkward question, and Laura didn’t know how to answer it, so she let Robin do the talking. Robin could only chuckle out of awkwardness. “Hah! We were tired, so we came back.”

Elise wasn’t one to be easily deceived. Something is fishy indeed. “Really?” she asked, and Laura could only nod in reply. Elise quickly dropped her suspicions because she was simply too glad to see her grandparents. “I’ve missed you so much, Grandma.”

Elise took Laura’s arm tightly in hers, and Laura didn’t know what to do with her. “You’re a big girl now. Why are you still acting like a child?”

The young lady replied by pulling a funny face. “No matter how old I get, I just want to be a little girl in your eyes, Grandma.”

Won over by her granddaughter’s cheeky reply, Laura caressed her head lovingly. “You have a way with words, don’t you?”

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