Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 166

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 166

Boss Is Back

Alexander spoke in a panicked tone, for he was deeply scared of crashing into Elise’s car. Yet, although she hadn’t heard him, she also suspected that something was amiss. How was it possible that even after switching cars with him, her car was alright but his was malfunctioning?

Meanwhile, the audience around them was also shocked by the scene.

All held their breaths as they stared into the arena.

However, Elise couldn’t care less at this moment. She tightened her fingers around the steering wheel almost in the same second and made a hard turn to directly crash into Alexander’s car.

The two cars collided with a loud bang; the impact sent her body flying forward with the momentum before she was restrained in her seat by her seatbelt.

The horrified audience stood up at such a scene.

“What’s going on?”

“What has happened to Sue?”

“Did she actually just drive into that car?”

As the audience gasped around him, Julius also stood up in horror; his heart sank when he caught sight of the mangled cars on the racetrack.

The thing was that Elise was neither an impulsive person nor one who would simply run her car into others. Whatever the reason was, there was something more than what had just happened.

Meanwhile, over in the arena, she opened her car door and emerged from the vehicle before she yanked open Alexander’s door. “Are you okay?”

Due to the impact from the collision, it took a dazed Alexander a moment to lift his gaze to meet hers. “I’m okay…”

It was only after saying that did he realize his legs were trapped.

“Can you move your legs out?” she asked again, to which he shook his head. “No.”

The sudden turn of events had left the racetrack employees a little bit at a loss, but fortunately for them, there was already a medical personnel on-site who quickly dashed forward to pull an injured Alexander out of the car.

“He has severe leg injuries and needs to go to the hospital at once,” the doctor ordered before arranging for his nurse to wheel him off-site.

Meanwhile, Elise found someone to tow the car and check it for faults.

Before he left, Alexander deeply gazed at her. He knew that if it weren’t for her colliding her car into his to forcefully stop it, he would be in an even dire straits now.

“Thank you, Sue…” he murmured.

The race ended prematurely as a result of that. Due to the collision, she lost the opportunity to win the championship and was instantly eliminated with the championship going to someone else.

“What happened to the car?” Elise asked.

As he lowered his eyes, the car mechanic answered, “The brakes were cut.”

It was a disgrace to the organizers that such a problem arose during a competition. There were many media outlets on the scene as well, which made it impossible for the organizers to prevent them from reporting about the news.

Meanwhile, Elise was incensed to learn that her knowledge that someone would tamper with Alexander’s car didn’t serve any purpose. Even though she had switched vehicles with him, it wasn’t enough to prevent the accident.

“Our apologies, Sue. It was our fault for overlooking something so major,” a staff member sincerely apologized. They dared not offend her without a doubt. “We never thought someone could be so bold as to tamper with a contestant’s car and cause such inconvenience to you. We are deeply sorry.”

As Elise’s gaze darkened, she sniped, “If there was any use in apologizing, we wouldn’t be needing the police. I’m going to need you to account for what has actually happened here.”

While wiping the sweat off his forehead, the man answered quickly, “Of course, of course. Don’t worry, we will investigate this incident thoroughly.”

She ignored him in response. Although Alexander was fine, the car was wrecked. No matter what, she had to find out who the real culprit was or his life would be in danger.

Elise strode away and left the arena to head toward the exit where Julius was already waiting for her.

Without any hesitation, she opened the car door and climbed into his car. “To the hospital.”

He didn’t ask anything; he merely started the car and sped off.

After arriving at the hospital, she learned that Alexander had only experienced superficial injuries and that there were no severe wounds.

“You’re lucky to have only suffered contusions. If the crash had been more severe, it would have threatened your life instead,” the doctor explained. Then, he advised, “Racing is dangerous. It would be for the best not to treat your life so cavalierly and to avoid participating in such dangerous events instead.”

Upon hearing the doctor’s words as she stood at the door, Elise finally relaxed.

Nonetheless, she didn’t enter the room and only turned to leave. When she returned to the car, Julius looked at her and asked, “Are you worried about this man?”

“Let’s go home,” she told him without answering the question.

He pursed his lips and maintained his gaze on her as he probed, “What’s the matter? You’ve never been one to beat around the bush, H. Why are you avoiding my question now?”

“What do you want to know?” she asked.

“What’s your relationship to him?” His smirk broadened.

“We’re friends.” The answer was stoic, but it was clear that he didn’t believe her.

“Just friends?”

Elise raised her eyes and stared straight at him. “What kind of relationship do you think we have?”

Julius slowly pointed out, “If you’re just friends, you’re surely treating him too well to be sacrificing the championship without any hesitation for his sake. Is he your lover, H?”

“You assume too much, Julius.”

Her response naturally made things clearer to him and he couldn’t see any amusement to be gained from pursuing the matter any further.

“Alright, keep your secrets. You don’t have to say anything for me to figure it out.” As he said that, he started the engines and began to drive off to the hospital. “When will you return to Athesea?”

“In a couple of days after I have visited Sutherland,” she responded, watching the scenery flash by her window.

The news pleasantly surprised Julius. “You’re finally going there? You might have not known this, but he’s constantly complaining about how much he’s taking on and how tired he is. He has been hoping to shift the responsibilities back to you.”

“No one is more suited than him to this role,” Elise refuted. “Asking him to manage the entire company was the best choice.”

“Let me say, H, this is a business empire that you created with your bare hands. Don’t you worry at all?” He didn’t understand what she was up to, but she only smiled in response.

Upon seeing that she wasn’t going to elaborate further, he texted Arthur Sutherland.

Right at this moment, inside Rise, the most prestigious office building in the prosperous district in Tissote, Arthur had only just ended a meeting and he was rubbing his temples while remaining seated in his chair. He was about to relax for a bit when his cell phone chimed.

Upon reading its contents, he sprang up from his seat and exclaimed, “My god! Boss is coming back!”

It was a day he waited for many years that he was now on the verge of tears.

After all, Elise had left the company in his care for a few years now and he finally could catch a breath.

Arthur immediately rang Julius and asked, “When will Boss be here?”

As Julius glanced at Elise in the passenger seat, he answered calmly, “After an hour.”

“Tell her that I’ll be waiting here,” Arthur said and nearly leaped with joy.

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