Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 126

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 126


The situation took a hundred eighty degrees turn with the craftsman’s words, and there was also a deep, hidden meaning when he said there was jadeite. Usually, people would say that there was green whenever jade was discovered at the cutting of the stone. However, the craftsman said that there was jadeite instead. Just one word difference could change the meaning entirely.

In hurried but careful moves, the craftsman ground the stone, and the red spot gradually became more obvious. Seeing that, everyone exclaimed in shock, “Blood jade! It’s a blood jade!”

With just that, the entire place broke into an uproar, and even Elise stared at the stone in disbelief.

“H-How is this possible? It’s actually blood jade, which is no less expensive than imperial jade!”

“You’re so lucky to have gotten the blood jade, Mr. Griffith. This blood jade is incredibly rare, and if you have it made into jewelry, it will be priceless.”

“Congratulations, Mr. Griffith! I wonder if you’re willing to sell your stone to me.”

“I’m interested as well, Mr. Griffith. Why don’t you sell it to me?”


The change of attitude from the crowd was so swift that Elise didn’t even have the time to react to the situation. Then, Jordan came over with a wide smile on his face. “Congratulations on the blood jade, Mr. Griffith!”

Returning his smile, Alexander answered, “You’re too kind, Mr. Jordan.”

Jordan added, “Honestly speaking, I got this stone back six months ago, and it was just laying there as a stockpile. Many people had also asked me about the price before this, but they all backed off when they heard the price. Unexpectedly, you had the courage to buy it straight away, and it turned out that there’s actually blood jade in the stone. You wouldn’t be able to make a loss even if you wanted to!”

Everything ordan said was true; according to the market price of blood jade right now and the total surface of blood jade Alexander had in his stone, he was guaranteed to earn 50 million. If there was more jade after further grinding and cutting, then it would be a different price.

While they were speaking, the craftsman cried out in surprise again, “The entire stone is made up of blood jade!”

Another round of commotion broke out from the crowd; it was already really rare to have found the blood jade, but it turned out to be an entire piece. It was now beyond their estimation just how much this stone was worth.

“Mr. Griffith, I have to say that you’re really lucky to have such a huge piece of blood jade,” Jordan said earnestly, excitement rushing through him the entire time. Meanwhile, after the people saw that the stone had blood jade, they all wanted to buy some stones as well. All of a sudden, they started to pick and buy stones, and the shop started to get busy.

“Mr. Griffith, you have my admiration even more now,” Elise admitted in a serious tone.

Maintaining his composure, Alexander answered, “Miss Sare, do you know which kind of stone you should buy now?”

Elise pursed her lips. Although she didn’t want to admit it, she had to say that he was really talented when it came to stone gambling. “Mr. Griffith, I believe that I was right about you. I’ll definitely pick up something by learning about stone gambling from you.”

The edges of his lips curled upward into a gentle smile. “You’re too modest, Miss Sare. I gained a lot by learning Arisian from you, too.”

There was no awkwardness when they traded compliments. In contrast, it was harmonious.

“So, do you plan to sell this blood jade, Mr. Griffith?”

“I would like to use it as a publicity stunt for the anniversary of Griffith Group next month. I think it will be a good selling point,” Alexander answered.

Understanding what he meant, Elise said, “You’re a very smart businessman, Mr. Griffith.”

In fact, Alexander had his own selfish idea! When he saw that the stone contained blood jade, he already had a thought in his mind, which was something he really wanted to get done for now. Despite that, he didn’t tell any of that to Elise.

After the entire stone was finished with the cutting, a huge piece of blood jade stood before everyone’s eyes. Almost everybody on the scene had never seen a blood jade before, and the color of this piece was very pure; it could be considered one of the top grades amongst blood jade. Many people who were interested came forward to ask about the price, but they were all turned down by Alexander.

A dedicated team was assigned to deliver the blood jade, and after the cutting was completed, Alexander and Elise didn’t hang around much longer. They said their goodbyes to Jordan and left immediately.

“I’ll send you back, Miss Sare.”

However, something popped up in Elise’s mind, and she turned down his offer. “It’s alright, Mr. Griffith. I’ll just get a cab back by myself.”

Alexander didn’t try to change her mind and said, “Be careful then, Miss Sare. I’m leaving first.”

After Elise saw that he had left the place, only then did she get herself a ride back.


Elise changed into her usual ugly appearance when she got back to campus, and the moment she stepped into the classroom, Danny hurriedly paced up to her. “Boss, where did you go? Do you know that I’ve been looking for you?” Before she could answer, he added impatiently, “Boss, explain this question to me.”

As she had expected, Danny’s biggest current interest was learning, and she didn’t turn him down either as she explained the problem to him.

After school, they left the classroom together. Although Danny had been engrossed in studies recently, he felt a little playful today and wanted to play online games. “Boss, let’s not go to the library today. I’ll get a few guys tonight to form a team and play a few rounds of games online.”

His words stopped Elise in her tracks. “If you play today, all your efforts before this will go down the drain.”

Dismay washed over him at her reminder. “Forget it, then! I love to study. Let’s forget about gaming and head to the library instead.”

A gentle smile spread across Elise’s face, thinking that Danny’s seriousness toward studies made him seem rather adorable, and she said, “How about this? If you can make it to the top five of the class in the monthly test, I’ll spend a day gaming with you.”

Unexpectedly, he started laughing out loud right after she said those words. “Boss, a good student like you, gaming with me? Don’t try to pull my score down with your inexperience. I’m not falling for that.” While Elise was speechless and looking helpless, he asked curiously, “Boss, do you really know how to game?”

Smacking her lips, she then answered, “I gamed before.”

This sparked his curiosity even further. “How are your skills?”

After a short moment of hesitation, she replied, “It’s alright.”

Patting her on the shoulder, he said, “With your mediocre skills, it’s better if you don’t play with us. My teammates and I are all experts who are famous players on the leaderboard. Besides ‘Ellimane’, who’s the number one on the platform, the other top five expert gamers are in my team. At least until now, I’ve always remained on the top three spots of the board. You’re just asking for a hard time if you choose to play with us.”

His words and tone of voice were more provocative than usual. Elise cast him a thoughtful look, saying calmly, “You don’t have to care about how well my skills are because you’ll only earn your right to play with me once you make it to the top five in the monthly test. Are you up for the challenge?”

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